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Red Newt Wine Club

The Red Newt Wine club is a great way to get an inside track on FLX wine excitement. Enjoy a mix of new and old, bright and vibrant, whites and reds.
This club ships twice per year, six bottles in each shipment. Each shipment is fully customizable (min 6 bottles) and can be added to for greater case discounts!

Limited Release Club

This club coming soon...

The Red Newt winemaking team is constantly pushing the envelope of quality, expression and innovation. The result is numerous small lot wines where there isn’t enough to go around. Joining this club will give you priority access to these incredible wines and curated shipment several times per year. Variable price plus shipping...

Everyday Newt

This club coming soon...

Choose the style and how often you’d like to receive a 2 pack of our seasonal choices of Red Newt wines. It’s like a CSA for wine! Fixed price…
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